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Refund Policy 產品退換準則


1) Prices of products and service shown on RACINNE.com.hk are in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). Prices displayed on RACINNE.com.hk at the time your order is accepted will be honored except in the case of recognizable error. Whilst we use our best endeavors to ensure that all prices appearing on RACINNE.com.hk are accurate, we do not guarantee that they are error-free and reserve our right to rectify any errors. If we discover an error in the price of any products that you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and offer you the option of reconfirming or cancelling your order. If we are unable to contact you, we will treat the order as cancelled.

If your credit/debit card is not denominated in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), the currency of the final price charged will be determined by your credit/debit card issuing bank in accordance with the applicable exchange rate on the day your card issuer processes the transaction.

2) Once you have entered your personal and payment details and placed your order, we shall send you an email (Order Confirmation) as an acknowledgement of the receipt of your order. Order Confirmation is only a confirmation of the receipt of your order and does not constitute an acceptance of your order. Your order will be accepted and the sales contract between you and RACINNE.com.hk. will be executed when we send you an email (Dispatch Confirmation) to confirm the goods purchased have been dispatched. Delivery Note, Purchase Receipt and Return/Exchange Form will be mail to you together with the dispatched goods.

Place Order à Online Payment à Order Confirmation (Email) à Dispatch Confirmation (Email) à Delivery Note, Receipt, Return/Exchange Form (By Post together with delivery of goods)

RACINNE.com.hk reserves the rights not to accept an order at its sole discretion, including but not limited to:

1.             The product you ordered is out of stock, or withdrawn due to failure to meet our quality standards or shipping restrictions applies to one or all of the ordered items at your country.

2.             We identify a pricing or product description error.

3.             We are unable to obtain authorization for payment.

4.             You do not meet the eligibility criteria to purchase as set out in this Remarks.

Our Customer Service team will contact you as soon as possible if there are any problems with your order.

3) You will be given an indication of the expected delivery time when you place your order online. RACINNE.com.hk will try its best to meet these estimates but cannot guarantee that such estimates will be met.

RACINNE.com.hk insures each order until it is delivered to you or is collected. Upon arrival of your ordered product, you accept the responsibility for the product ordered that moment on. If the recipient or collector is not the original purchaser, or in case of delivery of a gift, then you accept Delivery Note as proof of delivery and fulfilment of your order by RACINNE.com.hk. You also accept the associated transfer of responsibility in the same way.



To offer our customer greatest shopping experience and protection, RACINNE.com.hk offers our customers a "14 Days REFUND/EXCHANGE Policy". If the product is found to be defected or need to be returned for any reason, please email us a picture of the defected product and copy of the purchase Receipt to info@racinne.com.hk within 14 days starting from the day of purchase. Our Customer Service team will follow up with your request quickly.


Please kindly note our general Refund/Exchange Policy:

1. All exchange of purchase must be conducted within 14 days from the day of purchase.

2. “14 Days Return Policy” applies to any products that was purchased from RACINNE counters / promotion counter and RACINNE.com.hk.

3. Request on exchange of purchase is accepted only upon the original Receipt is presented.

4. Gifts and/or promotional products must be returned together with the exchange/refund product.

5. Only product with equal value will be exchanged, including on sales products and promotional packages. Customer is responsible for any value difference in the exchange. No refund in the form of cash should there be any value difference at exchange.

6. All products and gifts must remain in their original packaging. Any product that have been opened, used or with damage cannot be returned. RACINNE reserves the sole and exclusive right in final decision should there be any dispute.

7. For product exchange / refund due to allergy or health related problem after using the product, an official medical proof from doctor must be presented to indicate such symptoms and discomfort was caused by the use of RACINNE product. Exchange / refund of purchase will be offered, RACINNE is not responsible and not liable to any related cost incurred.

8. Customers can request for exchange of purchase for a single time only under the same purchase Receipt.

9. If there is any dispute, RACINNE (Hong Kong) Ltd. reserves the final and exclusive right on all decision.


Non-returnable Product

1. Product that has been purchased for more than 14 days.

2. Product has been opened or used.

3. Product that is not in original condition.

4. Product that was indicated as “non-returnable” (e.g. discounted goods.)

5. All free gifts, accessories and samples.

6. Original Receipt of purchase is not available or exchange of purchase has been conducted under the same purchase Receipt.


We guarantee that all the products offered by RACINNE.com.hk are genuine and at its best quality. If customer finds the product to be defected and requests for a return, RACINNE.com.hk will return the product to the manufacturer for inspection and verification, normal processing time is six weeks. If the product is identified as defected, we are happy to provide our customer a refund or exchange services. If customer did not apply for any return or exchange of purchase within 14 days upon purchase, the transaction is considered as completed and customer agrees to accept the purchased product is at satisfactory condition. RACINNE.com.hk do not bear any legal responsibility and any subsequent request on return and exchange of purchase.



1. We are not responsible to the quality of any gifts and samples given. Replacement service is not available.

2. We are not liable to any consequences due to improper use of purchased product, gifts or samples.

3. We shall suspend, amend or cancel the Return / Exchange Policy, Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

4. Should there be any dispute; RACINNE.com.hk reserves the sole and exclusion right on all final decision.


Delivery Hotline

If you have any questions or enquiries about our online and delivery service, please call our Customer Service at (852) 2815 6878 or Email info@racinne.com.hk (office hour: Mon-Fri, 9:00am – 6:00pm) for further assistance.



RACINNE (HONG KONG) LIMITED (下稱本公司我們)服務態度專業謹慎,產品品質良好,所以我們極有信心您會喜愛RACINNE的產品,如果您發現產品有問題或需要退換時,請按照本公司的「14天貨品退換保證」退回產品。 


RACINNE (HONG KONG) LIMITED為顧客提供「14天貨品退換保證」,讓您在購物時更安心。客人在購物當天起計14天內,如發現產品有問題或需要退換時,請將產品連同相關發票退至我們的銷售點,我們會樂意安排相關事宜。以下為退換貨品準則及注意事項:


  1. 任何換貨交易必須於購物當天起14天內進行;
  2. 14天貨品退換保証適用於任何在RACINNE專櫃 / 推廣專櫃購買的貨品(屈臣氏上架貨品除外)。
  3. 如未能出示與貨品有關之發票正本,恕不接受任何退換貨。
  4. 顧客退換產品時必須與購買產品時的套裝產品、贈品或推廣貨品一併退換。
  5. 所有以換購價推廣、贈品推廣及套裝推廣之貨品,只限更換同等價值之貨品而客戶須支付價值較高之貨品的差額。如更換價值較低之貨品,所有餘額將不獲退回。
  6. 所有貨品及贈品必需保持完好包裝。已開啟使用或遭損毀之產品,不接受任何退換。本公司保留確定貨品是否有上述情況的絕對權利;
  7. 顧客須親臨RACINNE專櫃 / 推廣專櫃自行換貨。
  8. 如顧客於使用本公司產品後懷疑因不適合其使用而出現敏感症狀而要求換貨,則顧客必須提供有效醫學証明其症狀及不適是由本公司產品所引起。本公司只會提供產品退換,並不會退還產品款項及承擔任何責任或相關費用。
  9. 顧客只能在同一發票下進行退換貨品一次,一般情況下不接受退款服務。
  10. RACINNE (Hong Kong) Limtied保留以上細則之最後及絕對決定權。



  1. 產品購買期已超過14天。
  2. 產品已經開封或曾被使用(例如盒被撕去)
  3. 產品並未保持完好包裝,已受破壞,損毀或不完整。
  4. 任何顯示不接受退貨的折扣產品,清貨產品或特賣產品。
  5. 任何免費贈品,附件及試用裝禮品。 
  6. 未能出示產品相關發票或有關發票已經換貨一次。

我們保證所有由RACINNE (HONG KONG) LIMITED發售的貨品均為真貨。如顧客發覺產品有可能變質並要求退貨,本公司會將產品送回有關廠商檢查及驗證,一般處理時間為6星期。若經鑑定產品變質,我們樂意接受退貨、退款或退換服務。如顧客於購買產品後14天內並未有任何退換貨品的申請,則代表該次貨品交易完成,RACINNE (HONG KONG) LIMITED毋須承擔任何法律上的責任,其後將不會安排任何更換貨品或退款事宜。


  1. 本公司提供的禮品及試用裝之質素一概不承擔任何責任及不提供更換服務。
  2. 本公司不會就錯誤或不當使用產品而引至任何問題承擔任何責任。
  3. 本公司保留無須事先通知的情況之下,暫停、更改、取消或修訂本公司退換貨品的準則、條款及細則。
  4. 如任何爭議,RACINNE (HONG KONG) LIMITED保留最終決定權不得議異。



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