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lady M 迷你離子導入儀 Massaging Ion Applicator

lady M 迷你離子導入儀 Massaging Ion Applicator

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Product Description 產品資訊

lady M迷你離子導入儀,能夠快速提高護膚品吸收效率。利用離子電流的科學原理,在微振動模式下將護膚品中的有效成分隨著正、負電子導入肌膚。配RACINNE膚品系列使用,讓營養發揮最大化的護膚功效lady M改善肌膚吸收遲緩的窘境,回復肌膚柔滑細緻的年輕狀態。

lady M採用獨特的微振動按摩原理和離子導入技術,專為眼部嬌弱肌膚而設計,將營分滿滿注入細胞,呈現靚麗明眸。按摩過程中能夠促進血液循環,緩解眼部疲勞。lady M獨特的眼部護理方式,配合RACINNE眼部護理產品,每日按摩5分鐘,讓眼部肌膚緊緻亮麗。

柔滑肌理 | 緊緻眼部肌膚 | 淡化細紋 |提亮膚色| 收縮毛孔


5 項獨特功能

  • 通過電離子導入營養
  • 微振動按摩
  • 5 分鐘日常護理
  • 提高護膚品成份的滲透和吸收
  • 全自動感應開關

Introducing RACINNE lady M massaging ion applicator, the ultimate solution to enhance skincare absorption. Utilizing galvanic current of + and – ions, use together with RACINNE precious serum to the skin. lady M assist the skin to absorb nutrients to hydrate and restore skin’s softness, leaving a luxurious nourished finish.

 Combine with lady M “Massaging Rules”, with unique techniques to stimulate skin cells for a radiant glow around your eye area. Increasing blood circulation to the eye area, also helps to relieves tired eyes. Regular practice of lady M “Massaging Rule”  with RACINNE eye products help to tighten & tone your eye area skin.  lady M “Massaging Rules”, a perfect remedy to create radiant eyes.

Iontophoresis is a technique which uses an electric current to deliver a medicine or other chemical through the skin. In popular terms it is sometimes called “Injection without a needle”. 

5 Unique Functions

  • Nutrient iontophoresis
  • Micro Vibration
  • 5 Minutes daily care system
  • Facilitates skincare product permeability level
  • Auto On & Off




  1. lady M迷你離子導入儀的導頭攝取精華或乳霜后按摩面部。可以在面部均勻塗抹精華或乳霜後,ladyM迷你離子導入儀更進一步按摩吸收。
  2. 在導頭部分接觸到皮膚時,離子導入按摩將自動開始工作,無需手動開關。建議在使用時,以導頭輕微施加壓力按摩面部獲得持續的振動效果。
  3. lady M迷你離子導入儀配合RACINNE護膚產品作為日常護膚步驟,以從下往上的方向在面部進行按摩,著重於按摩護理眼部及唇部區域。離子電流將護膚品中的有效成分離子化並輸入皮膚內,讓肌膚能夠最大化的吸收營養。
  4. 每天5分鐘日常保養,輕鬆獲得事半功倍的美膚效果。


How to use

  1. Apply serum or Cream using the spatula tip of lady M massaging ion applicator. You may also apply serum or cream evenly on the face before using the device.
  2. Ion Massage automatically operates as it touches your face, ensuring the top part of the ion applicator is in contact with your skin. It is recommended to put slight pressure of the spatula tip on your face for stead micro-vibration.
  3. In upward lifting motion, use lady M to massage RACINNE skincare product all over the face, concentrating on eye and lip area as part of your daily beauty care routine. Galvanic ions help push skincare nutrients to enhance skincare nutrients absorption.
  4. Uses daily for 5 minutes for a youthful looking complexion.

The ions are driven into the skin via the pores - hair follicles, sweat gland ducts, thus enhance skincare nutrients permeability level.

Product Videos

Racinne Lady M Tutorial (01:25)
  • Racinne Lady M Tutorial

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