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About Us 關於我們


RACINNE is a company that seeks to help people feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter their appearance, age, or level of affluence. This purpose is derived from its conviction that feeling beautiful is never just about how one looks. More importantly, it is a matter of how one sees him- or herself in relationship with the world. With these principles at its heart, RACINNE offers products and services aimed at helping its customers discover, foster, and celebrate their love for their own skin.

RACINNE understands that our skin is a vital aspect of our identity. As such, RACINNE’s ultimate mission is to educate, empower, and encourage people to have healthier relationships with their skin. In carrying out this mandate, the company offers skincare products that deliver the highest level of efficacy to its users, whether they are based on the most advanced active ingredients or industry-leading technology from Korea. RACINNE also believes that its products should never be just used but enjoyed, guilt-free. In its view, beauty should never demand an exorbitant price or be seen as an exclusive luxury. With RACINNE, beauty should always be celebrated without reservation.

RACINNE is more than just about skincare products, however, as the company places a high value on creating and fostering a “culture of care” throughout our organization, business operations, and brand. Whether through its consultancy experts, service representatives, or experienced customers, RACINNE represents an experience that is welcoming, nurturing, and genuine – an experience worth sharing. Based on its culture of care, RACINNE fosters growth in our customers and spreads life-affirming values in the marketplace.

Overall, RACINNE is about helping people love their own skin. In the beauty industry, this means that RACINNE represents a breath of fresh air, a fresh face in the world of skincare. With RACINNE, people are empowered to overcome their doubts and encouraged to celebrate their indisputably beautiful selves.

RACINNE. Celebrate your skin.



推出護膚產品以外RACINNE 亦十分重視於機構內、生意經營及品牌內創造及推動「關愛文化」。無論對專業顧問、服務代表或長期顧客而言,RACINNE代表著親切真摰又著重裁培的體驗,絕對值得與他人分享。本著品牌的關愛文化,RACINNE於顧客中不斷成長,同時於市場中宣揚其積極的價值觀。

總括而言RACINNE著眼於幫助人們愛惜自己的肌膚。於美容行業,RACINNE就等同護膚界的一股清泉。憑著RACINNE,人們可以更加勇敢地克服對自己的疑惑,坦然面對自己無容置疑的美麗。RACINNE 讚揚你的肌膚


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